What about Bar Cañete

Here it goes. Sorry, just in English. For an older post in Spanish, clic here.

Since Spain -and even more Catalonia- has become a poor country, even though we still have some of the best and most authentic restaurants (have a look to World’s 50 Best Restaurants), let me advice you about José María Parrado’s Bar Cañete.

I want you to know the place, because -I beg you strongly- since we, as Spaniards, can no longer afford going to restaurants very often, please help us for the survival of places like Bar Cañete, one of the best places according to Pig’s Trotters preferences.

Bar Cañete BarcelonaTatiana from Bar Cañete

Why one of the best places? Very simple: convenient down town location, professional service, happy employees, cooking with effort supervised by the young cook Tatiana (see picture), fresh products, still payable prices, interesting wine selection (try the Catalonian red wine Furvus from Montsant, believe me), challenging management by Mr. Parrado (the man with the hat), a place for table companions willing to enjoy meal, preparation and a busy atmosphere. Just take care with Mr. Julio, one of the waiters; he is usually a nice guy. Greetings from Pig’s Trotters Julio!

3 important warnings:

  1. If you want to enjoy as I do, for dinner don’t arrive later than half past eight. Going there by that time, you still get a seat at the bar just in front of the kitchen. It’s the best place! For lunch try to arrive earlier than 2 PM. It’s really crowded.
  2. In my view, to really enjoy the Bar Cañete, go there with just one good friend. If you get a place at the corner at the bar, three or even 4 people can still enjoy and have some chats together. If you sit four in a line at the bar, it’s hard to hear the joke of your opposite friend. Just two, a good friend or your lover, would be absolutely perfect! For more guests, there is a large table in the back, not bad at all; reservation for the bar almost impossible, for the large table necessary.
  3. The most tricky issue for tourists is their understandable ignorance about Mediterranean food. It’s not easy to order the right dish if it is your first time at Bar Cañete. When I’m there, my foreign neighbours always envy what we have just ordered. I will include what I thing could be a nice menu to order as soon as I can. Just order some few dishes, not too many. Then, watch what’s coming to your neighbours and if it looks good, just order the same one! Don’t be shy. Nobody cares.

Still doubtful? Well, then take a seat at any of the nice restaurants at Las Ramblas. They all offer promising Paellas… Up to you my friend, but not Pig’s Trotters recommendation!

Mr. Parrado called me Bar Cañete’s ambassador the last time I was there and he is right. I really love this place, don’t miss it.

Restaurant Bar Cañete, c/Unió 14 (Barcelona). Tf. +34 932 703 458

Leer post anterior del Bar Cañete en castellano.

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